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⚠️ People pleasing, putting up a face, overly obliging, self-sacrificing, hiding one's feeling, sucking it up and maintaining a smile when the insides are boiling up or crumbling down are all strategies to protect wounded parts that may doubt their intrinsic positive value and fear judgement, humiliation, rejection...

As parents and educators, we need to be careful about the messages we are sending our little girls. Their person, safety and feelings matter.

If your life has already left you with some traces, through psychotherapy you can put a stop to that shit show that withholds you from living a life with confidence and inner peace.

Observe with curiosity, love and kindness your psychoemotional world, and reconnect to your inner child to reparent, comfort and validate it to nurture a sense of inner security and stability.

If you feel unsafe in some situations, there are options I'd be glad to explore with you.


With all my wellness wishes,

Geneviève Lepage,

Ph.D. in psychology

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