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Need help or support with your research? I'm here!
When studying at the university (bachelor's, master's or doctorate) or doing academic or institutional research, several questions may arise at different stages of the scientific process.
For example:

  • How to make a research plan?

  • How to write a problem and formulate hypotheses?

  • What method to use to answer the research question?

  • Quantitative, qualitative and mixed methods, what is the difference?

  • How to analyze the data of a questionnaire?

  • How to write the discussion of a dissertation, a thesis or a scientific article?

  • How to make a professional, original and effective PowerPoint presentation?

And without forgetting

  • How to overcome the syndrome of the blank page?

In addition, you may not have someone really competent and benevolent on your side to supervise you. Confide in me. Trust my twenty years of research experience to guide you toward your goals of completing your studies, publishing your results, or at least maintaining your self-esteem and sense of competence.

Évaluation, planche à pince, documents

As for people, the evaluation of physical environments (school, work…) is not a complete and definitive portrait. Rather, it takes a snapshot at some point. It allows you to answer specific questions, focus on details, make an inventory, see what is working well, and highlight what needs to be improved. The planned, periodic and systematic evaluation of your milieu is essential because it allows for informed decisions, which favors the implementation of exemplary management or pedagogical practices as well as growth on several levels.


It is useful to have an expert and objective look to evaluate an environment. However, the experience, the point of view and the field expertise of all stakeholders should be taken into account during the evaluation process. This makes it possible to value everyone's contribution to the accomplishment of the organization's mission.


Lack of quality and staff turnover lowers customer loyalty and is extremely expensive for business owners. On the other hand, planning that meets the physical and psychological needs of the milieu's community and that is part of an overall long-term vision of development promotes the prosperity of the school or enterprise.

Remember that with me you are sure to find Discretion, Rigor and Expertise.

Which aspects can be evaluated?

Here are some examples:

  • Layout of the premises

  • Equipment

  • Staff knowledge and skills

  • Processes & activities planning

  • Progression of activities

  • Communication and interpersonal relationships

  • Satisfaction level of staff and customers

Finally, remember that evaluation is only one step in a cyclical movement of improvement. It will point to new avenues, particularly with respect to reorganization and training.

Formation, salle de conférence, notes

The need for training can emerge as a result of a formal assessment of a milieu, but it can also simply be the result of wanting to do better and be better.

To improve, grow and prosper, as an individual or as a society, it is essential to train. Whether for basic training, continuous training, team-building or a conference for the general public, use my services.

Which themes can be presented?

My expertise is in social and community psychology and psychoeducation, it is therefore mainly themes related to these areas that should be privileged.
Here are some possibilities:

  • Attachment is at the heart of educational success

  • How to promote the self-esteem of young people?

  • Learning through games, why and how?

  • How to motivate without reward or punishment?

  • When empathy rhymes with harmony, and profit

  • The inclusion of people with disabilities

  • The regulation of emotions: authentic beings and connected beings

  • Physical activity for improving students' or employees' performance

Other themes can be presented, contact me to explore the possibilities.

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I am your reference!
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