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Useful Informations

Honestly, it is very difficult to predict the number of meetings needed, because it depends on the specific situation for which you come for support or advice. In some cases, one appointment will suffice, in others it will take 10 or 20.

Three things are guaranteed: (1) you are free to continue or stop whenever you want, (2) the bond of trust is crucial to the evolution of our alliance, and (3) if I believe another professional would be more profitable than me or that it is time to take a break, to space the sessions, or to stop them, I will let you know.


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Why pay for the services?

Before and after a meeting, I spend time preparing to support you, develop strategies and write follow-up notes. Payment is a minimum for the recognition of the time spent by me and the service rendered.

In addition, the payment marks the customer's commitment in a proactive way. Concrete means are thus actively taken to make things go better. Any appointment made is cancellable at least 24 hours in advance without penalty otherwise it will have to be paid in full. My services are payable in advance by bank transfer or when we meet by check or cash.

par chèque ou en argent comptant.

By engaging my services, you are sure to be on the right path, that of Transparency, Rigor, Integrity, Quality!
Fee schedule effective as of April 2023.
Rates are subject to revision.

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Professional Partners


My approach to health and well-being is global. Thus, I rely heavily on the contribution of multidisciplinarity to better wholly support you. Here is a list of partners that I trust could be helpful to you.


Because worries can cause tensions, and vice-versa.


Yasmina Zaimi

Tel : 0663.71.18.87

Email :


Generalist / general ultrasound

Medical appointment or pregnancy follow-up.

Dr. Leila Nijad

Avenue Abdelkbir El-Fassi

Adjacent à la pharmacie Badr

Tel : 0535.62.56.76 / 0535.60.91.27



Sometimes kids are inattentive or agitated simply because they cannot see well.

Dr. Meriem Abdellaoui

Clinique de la vision de Fès

À côté du café La Suite sur la route d'Immouzer

Tel : 0535.69.52.00


If you want to treat a mental disorder, a suffering, I recommend:

Dr. Narjisse Lahlali

Tel : 0535.94.29.77

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It is not always easy to navigate through all the information on the Internet. Here are some useful links in psychology and education.

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