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Couple or Family
Deux chaises côte à côte, comme pour un couple
Couple Mediation

When we think of a couple, we often think of a man and a woman, but other configurations exist, especially between two friends or two members of the same family. In a couple, an emotional connection exists, but conflicts and especially unspoken taboos can erode the quality of this link. Conflicts are normal in a couple; living well with oneself is not always easy, so imagine for two to get along the challenge it represents in terms of communication, expression of one's needs and respect for the other's, agreement on common objectives and on ways to achieve them. You want to be better together. And even if you are no longer married, it may be that you are seeking a better understanding, for example, in the best interests of your children.

Before consulting, you could for example ask yourself:

  • How to communicate better in my relationship?

  • How to spend more pleasant time together?

  • How to build joint projects satisfying for everyone?


During the consultations, my role as a psychologist in Morocco is first of all to offer the couple a safe space to freely express what each party feels. In doing so, it will also be a journey to learning to how express one's needs positively while respecting the integrity and the other's needs. Moreover, by being external and impartial to the relationship, I am able to reflect other perspectives and bring out new avenues so that you two can engage in a constructive win-win cycle.

Couple regardant Paysage
Salade mixte dans un bol, comme une famille.
Family Mediation

Family interactions are the most influential in a person's developmental trajectory. Relationships with loved ones are valuable, but sometimes complex. Biologically, members of the same family share a heritage that binds them. Then, they share many moments that can bring them together or hurt them, but despite all their differences and individual experiences, they are inexorably bound, even when they no longer maintain contact.

Sometimes alliances between some members are formed, which may lead others to perceive a bias in their reactions. Sometimes parents reproduce patterns with their children about what they knew with their own parents. Sometimes they also transpose their own aspirations.

Before consulting, you could for example ask yourself:

  • How to restore communication with my teenager?

  • What can I do to make my children get along better?

  • How to promote a fair distribution of tasks?

  • What to do so all together we support a sick relative?

  • How to announce to my parents…?


During the consultations, my role is to create a discussion circle where everyone can express themselves freely. External and neutral regarding your family issues, I will invite you to make known to others your needs and your wishes, and to listen to theirs. The goal is to restore a climate of trust and harmony in the family system so that each member can flourish.

cercle de collaboration
Couple Eng
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