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Expressing Gratitude

Recently, a client of mine was suffering from post-traumatic stress. It hit my client very suddenly and very hard, and they weren't capable of breathing easily from moment to moment. Since I had many people with me at that time, it was nearly impossible for me to give my client the attention they needed. I called Genevieve and she came to me almost immediately… by cab.

I’m not sure if Genevieve would like me to tell this part but I let her know that my client wasn't particularly rich or capable of paying doctors bills like these, but I was aware that this type of attention that my client needed was not due to something physical, but something psychological. Genevieve told me immediately that's not why she was coming out right away. She let me know that she was the best person for what I was calling her for and I will continue the story to let you know how true that is.

Within minutes of meeting her, my client was already standing, talking a little bit, breathing more regularly, joking, even smiling. When it was time to close my language program down, there was a question about everyone going home – and of course I was concerned that my client was going to have yet another anxiety attack on the way home. Genevieve had a new idea - but she would take my client home. Now, before you imagine that she took her home in her own car or even took her by cab, here was one of the biggest surprises of the night. She walked my client home and unless I'm mistaken it was about a 60-minute walk. She told me later that it was good exercise.

Most of you know her already so it's not a great surprise to you what an absolutely extraordinary person she is in general, but I would also like to add what an extraordinary healer she is, if you didn’t know that. The type of trust that is required for someone to help another person means that the person helping needs to gain confidence immediately in many situations.

My client now is on the path for strong self-care and I would like to thank and highly recommend Dr. Genevieve Lepage.


Jamal Morelli

Owner of TalkToday USA

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