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Individual Support
Psychotherapy or coaching
Why should I consult ?

There are several reasons that may lead you to want to consult. You may want support for a difficult situation (personal, marital, family, academic, professional or cultural) that you are going though or to find a way to achieve more in your life. When there is a mental disorder, stabilization with psychiatric medication can help, but there is often a lot to be done in psychotherapy as well. If you wish to go further in the process of unfolding your potential, you are welcome to call on my services. You may also be close to someone who is ill or has a disability, and you want support for yourself in order to better help that beloved person.

How is the first appointment ?

The goal of the first meeting is to get an overview of the reasons why you need my services. In addition, we will be getting to know each other and seeing if we are comfortable working together. The effectiveness of the support process, notwithstanding my skills, is largely based on the relational dynamic that will emerge between us. This welcome, this openness to the other, the good will, the listening, the trust, the commitment to progress towards a better state/self, are some elements that will favour the creation of an alliance enabling the achievement of the desired objectives.

This first interview is longer than the following, because I will ask you key questions to understand the situation in a global way, but most importantly I will leave you the space to express your experience and feelings. For some people, this meeting alone will be enough to release the pressure, see more clearly and envision solutions. For others, it will be necessary to follow up and we will set together the frequency of the subsequent meetings.

What next ?

Following our first meeting, I will analyze what has been said and I will develop hypotheses and consider possible solutions. That said, my role is not to give you a miracle recipe or solve the problem for you. My role is to accompany you during the process; to be neither in the front to pull you or the back to push you, but to be by your side to listen to you and possibly throw a light, such as a flashlight, on paths to explore. Thereby, you will be able to find by yourself, at the pace that suits you, the path to increase your well-being.

We will define your objectives, I will perhaps give you a written questionnaire, I will ask you questions verbally and I will certainly listen to you. You will have to think at home and sometimes do small exercises. From time to time, we will evaluate your progress and, if necessary, revise your objectives and the means to reach them.

What are the guarantees ?

Deontologically, I undertake first to respect the professional secrecy. Thus, without your explicit consent, no one will know that you have used my services or obtain information about you. Our relationship will be strictly professional and I will not interfere in your personal affairs. I have an obligation of means. Nobody can guarantee a specific result. However, I pledge to implement all possible means to contribute to your well-being. I pledge to demonstrate integrity and objectivity. Finally, I pledge to respect your dignity and your freedom.

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