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EMDR can help you heal

Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy is THE method of choice for effective and fast treatment of trauma (but it has also proven its effectiveness for other difficulties). You can treat an accident that you experienced yourself or as a witness, a phobia or fear, rape or sexual assault, family or marital violence, a bad memory that still haunts you (a heartbreak, being laughed at by peers, a bad grade at school, being attacked or beaten...).

If what you experienced is either something you try to avoid thinking about or insist on thinking about it so that you don't forget, but that when you think about it now it bothers you even though years have passed, it may be time to seize the opportunity for treatment. Perhaps you have an unpleasant feeling in your stomach, heart, throat or head...; or an emotion of fear, sadness or anger that rises up; or judgmental negatives thoughts come spontaneously: I suck, I should have done something, I'm going to die, I'm not in control... These are just examples, and it could also come in the form of recurring nightmares or flashbacks of the event, or a sudden outburst of emotion in the face of a trigger (something that reminds you of what happened) followed by a return to "normal" almost as if nothing had happened. Feel free to ask me privately about how EMDR could help you gain more serenity.

If it is a rather limited problem and that on the other hand life is (or was before the event) quite functional and positive, it can be solved very quickly; otherwise it will be part of a more in-depth psychotherapy, but with very liberating effects.

Geneviève Lepage, Ph.D.

Doctor of Psychology


Teletherapy available wherever you are in the world.

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