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A great compliment

I had a great compliment today❗

Someone said:

"Thank you for making me feel safe."

It brought tears to my eyes. 😍

Trust is something I let my clients decide to grant me with when they want. It is my role as a trauma psychotherapist to make as much effort as I can that I, initially a stranger, can be deemed safe and trustworthy.

It is not as easy as it seems, especially in dealing with individuals with complex trauma whose so-called primary caregivers were not always present, stable, responsive or kind when they were a child, and whose nervous system developed an hypervigilance to possible betrayal.

I am pleased by the gratitude expressed by my client today. And I'm grateful to all of those with whom I have worked and taught me how to be a safer person so that they can undertake their own transformative growth process. 🦋

With all my wellness wishes,


Geneviève Lepage,

Ph.D. in psychology

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